La Guaira, State of Vargas

The Port of La Guaira, established in 1589, where the Maritime Customs of La Guaira is located, is considered the main port in Venezuela and the second regarding freight. It thrives with the creation of the Compañía Guipuzcoana, and officially opens up to commerce in 1890.

Located 35 kilometers from Caracas, and to the east of the International Airport of Maiquetía, the Port of La Guaira spans 850,000 square meters, has 28 dockyards, an average of 4 to 5 ships every day, and generates 30 thousand direct jobs, and 15 thousand indirect ones.

Our office is located very near the entry to the port and with its specialized and highly qualified personnel, it can serve and advise you in everything related to integral logistics of services; it can also assist in the operations of both customs.

Airfreight for the Central Region of the country is received through the Airplane Customs of Maiquetía, the most modern and important in Venezuela. This office has made innovations regarding services such as automation, implementation of anti-contraband policies, non-intrusive revisions, etc.

La Guaira
Av. Soublette, Edif. Devesa, Piso 2, 
Plaza El Cónsul, Maiquetía. La Guaira. Estado Vargas
Phone: (+58 212) 332.5698 / 332.5525 / 3326756 Fax: (+58 212) 3325945